Behind the Term "Body Therapy"

'Body Therapy' is an umbrella term a good friend and fellow therapist introduced me to.  Body Therapy is a holistic practice that encompasses massage and bodywork but is not confined to 'work' nor the Swedish massage people often expect when they hear 'massage'.  It is an integrative practice meant to meet each person where they are when they arrive for a session, and connect them with their intrinsic ability to heal.  

Integrative bodywork may be the closest parallel, but Body Therapy implies that work is not always necessary.  Sometimes all a person needs to do is relax, receive, breath, release or even play.  Some times Body Therapy is work, sometimes its easy or even fun.  It is what ever is present. 

I practice Body Therapy as a certified massage therapist. What this means is that I abide by laws and regulations, and only offer techniques that directly interact with soft tissue and energy.  But, the path to healing is circuitous.  My work is based upon the understanding that each facet of the body is interconnected with one another, much like an ecosystem.  Not only are the facets of the body connected, but they are more than just physical.  The body includes the mind, emotions, and more subtle energies like qi (chi) and spirit.   

I use Body Therapy to invite healing of the whole body using soft tissue and energy as a starting point.