Integrative Body Therapy

60 min•90 min•120 min

My current style is composed mostly of a fluid mixture of Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Thai Massage techniques.  Each session is highly unique, determined by what is present for you when you arrive for a session.

 Craniosacral Therapy

60 min •90 min

Craniosacral therapy uses light, non-intrusive touch to invite the body, specifically the connective tissue around the central nervous system, to move how it needs to balance and restore itself.

This is uniquely empowering to the client, as the practitioner’s primary responsibility is to facilitate, listen to the body, and offer it a helping hand where it needs extra energy to release restrictions.

Myofascial Release


Myofascial release treats the 3D matrix of connective tissue that nourishes and holds our muscles, organs, nerves, skin and vessels.  This effective technique does not use oil, and includes longer, more gentle hand positions and cranial sacral therapy.  My practice is based upon techniques taught by the Barnes Institute.


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60 MINUTES • 75 minutes

A Japanese technique, practiced for many generations, in which the client is clothed and the practitioner applies rhythmic conscious pressure along specific lines of the body.   This modality entrains the mind for relaxation, treats the muscles, and the energy highways called 'meridians' along which qi (chi) or life force energy flow.  Because joints are also considered minor chakras, a shiatsu session can include more passive stretching if desired.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that a balanced flow of qi confers harmony and health in the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINUTES  • 90 minutes•120 minutes

Uses oil and nourishing strokes to warm up the tissue to prepare muscles for deeper pressure intended to release knots and adhesions.


Traditional Thai Massage

60 MINUTES • 90 MINUTES •120 minutes

Northern style Thai massage composed of flowing stretches with rhythmic pressure to relax, open, and release the whole body.  Great for relaxation, athletes, recovery, flexibility, and general rejuvenation.  Like shiatsu, this practice also directly effects the flow of chi throughout the body.  Referred to by some as the 'lazy man's yoga'.  



Hot Stone Massage

75 MINUTES•90 Minutes•120 minutes

Hot stones are placed upon and below the body in conjunction with nourishing oils and rhythmic massage.  Allow the stones to ground you, warm you to the core, and melt your stress away. 


Acupressure and Reiki

60 minutes

Meditative light touch on specific acupressure points along the energetic meridians of the body.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the balancing of the flow of qi (chi), or life force, along these meridians is said to confer health and wellbeing. 



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Integrative body therapy


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