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Office Space upgrade!

November 4th, 2018

I’ve gotten my footing offering the work I love in the East Bay. Soon I’ll be offering Body Therapy from an even more serene, warm, and easy-to-get-to space in North Berkeley.

North Berkeley Thursday Farmer’s Market

October 18th, 2018

I had a wonderful time beginning to get to know the neighborhood where my new office will be. North Berkeley Thursday Farmer’s Market was chalk full of delicious local produce and treats, good music, and shining faces.

I’m excited to be situating myself there so soon!


Body Therapy

An integrative practice meant to meet each person where they are when they arrive for a session, and connect them with their intrinsic ability to heal


Movement. Yoga. Breath. Meditation.

Currently offering private classes based on intuitive movement, kundalini yoga, alignment flow, breath, and guided meditation. Each facet of a class is meant to invite you deeper into your own experience. Dive in.


Blog: Holistic. Hungry. Human.


There are as many ways of wellness as there are people.   Holistic.Hungry.Human. explores a slew of themes in health, wellness, food, community, and just plain old life.  I use holistic framework to unpack rituals , offer recipes and practices, pose ideas, and challenge both you and myself to look within for true answers.  Read on, uncover a couple gems, and incorporate what ever works for you.

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